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    Optimize GIF files

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    When saving your work as a GIF file, use optimized palettes that contain only the colors used - they can cut file sizes in half. Newer graphics software gives you a preview before you save - this allows you to experiment with the number of colors to choose the best compromise between quality and file size.


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    But in GIF file, the color must be dull as compared to JPG or PNG.
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    Photo Shop Element Has it too

    If the intent is to use the images online, Photo Shop has a save for web option where it will save the image and even when naming the file will add "-" between the words. In this option you can reduce the pixel & the size of the image for faster upload. Saving an image as a JPEG will give you more details as the GIF would.

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    If the goal is animation, then clearly flash is superior to Gifs due to support for alpha transparency, and more colors.

    Gifs also tend to take a lot of CPU for some reason..

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