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    How do I hook-up a delay effects processor

    I Have been operating live sound equipment for bands for very small gigs about 2 1/2 years now. But I'm still learning how to one day be the sound man for big concert gigs. I haven't needed so far to experiment with effects processors. It's now time as I have just learned how to use compressors. I'm now seeing the need for compressors/limiters etc. I'm not sure how to hook up an effects delay processor to my mixing board. I'm trying to determine if I can use my current mixing board which is a Eurodesk 2442A or if I will have to buy a better quality one as my budget is still kind of tight. My board only has 4 stereo inputs and 4 mono inputs
    4 Aux returns, Aux sends and 4 sub-inserts and line and insert channels.
    Can I use this board to hook up an effects delay processor for my mics only? And if so how will I hook this up? Also if I wanted to put effects on my mics and maybe 2-instruments can I use one effects processor for everything or one or two. Or do I have to buy separate effects processor for each thing I want to send effects too? I'm a little confused.

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    well, if you want you can put all ur "mics" on a bus and then connect the processor via insert on that bus and if you have "insuruments" that you want a different effect on (using a second effect processor), you can just send it to another bus and then yet again connect via insert on that bus, but if it doesn't matter if everything has the same effect on it, then you can just use one processor via the insert on the main out or just mixer wired to the processor, then instead of returing the signal to the mixer like inserts do, just send the audio from the processor to the amp and let it be. If you need me to go more in detail or anything just post a message saying you need me to explain myself better. Or if I have the wrong idea of what ur trying to do, just yeah, post a message and I'll get back to you on it when I can. GOOD LUCK!

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