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    connecting an external monitor to vid cam

    Hello -- Anyone have experience connecting an external monitor to a Canon VIXIA HV30 camcorder? The little LED screen on the camera just isn't quite enough. I'd like a larger image to study during studio production.

    Any thoughts? The manual just isn't quite clear enough for me.



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    All cameras will have a video out and audio out so you can connect to a TV. The HV30 would also have an HDMI out I suspect but your normal video out (which is composite) is plenty for monitoring purposes

    I use just a cheap 7" TFT LCD monitor off eBay!! (Look under the vehicles for a 7" screen...usually a "headrest mount" They come with all the fittings and usually have 2 video inputs and auto-detect PAL/NTSC so it's just plug and go!!!

    However these DO need 12v so you cannot hook up to your camera battery!!! I have a 7" monitor on my Stedicam sled so I can see where I'm going and the nicest battery is a Lithium Ion one that they use to power CCTV cameras...I got mine on eBay too!!! You can use the standard 12v lead acid gel batteries but they are heavy if you need to move around!!

    Just plug in a standard AV cable from the camera to the monitor ...I dunno if the HV30 has special plugs but if it does just use the AV cable that came with it which will have standard RCA plugs at one end. (You can also plug audio thru to the monitor if you want sound!!!



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