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    sound system processors for a church

    dear all,
    i have some questions according to soundsystem processors needed for a church. at this time i already have a mixer, amplifier, eq 31 (alto), limiter (alto), and crossover (alto) also drum mic.

    i try to set the processors by reading the manual book from the device vendor. but i feel what i set is not right.

    i wonder if there is someone can help me how can i use this processors like EQ, Limiter and crossover to create a better sound waves.

    the main problem is the sound for the drum (kick drum) was not too good.

    or maybe there is ide what kind of processor that i should have and what type and brand for the processor....

    thank you very much

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    the best way to help is going to need some more information.

    Please list the equipment in the order that you have it plugged in. This way, we can see possible areas to help!


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