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    Want to set up a video editing suite

    i need to set up a video editing suite with possibly an adobe premiere package? could anyone please advice me on what to get, how to get them and the rest...
    i have a very meagre budget.

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    If your are very limited in budget then start with Premiere and Photoshop Elements. They will provide a whole lot of functionality and features for a very reasonable price. I use Premiere Elements for much of my professional work.
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    Another option is to purchase a lower-end Apple computer that comes loaded with iMovie (editing software) and iDVD (DVD authoring software) and a host of other tools you can use like Garage Band (audio editing software) and iPhoto (photo storage and editing software). For the videographer/editor just getting started, these tools should suffice. If you want advanced photo and graphics creation abilities, then the Photoshop elements program would be a great addition as well.

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