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    Canon xl1s lens options

    I am looking at lens options for camera I already own vs buying new camera to shoot documentary with. I want the best cinema look I can pull from the camera as many scenes in the doc are shot on 16mm film. Any insight on best options here would be greatly appreciated. I'm finding so far that lens adapters alone are more pricey than just purchasing a newer modeled HD pro cam. What are the details in an adapter and attaching a less expensive still camera lens? Also I am wanting 35mm out of all this. Thank you very much.

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    Your most economical option is to build a 35mm adapter. See one on my DIY page if you feel up to the challenge!!

    Even HD cams only use 1/3 " chips so you won't achieve the DOF that 16mm or 35mm cameras use unless your sensor size is huge. The RED series cameras will do a great film-like job but you will need $30,000 just to start!!

    The other option lower budget people are using is the new Canon 7D still camera which shoots HD with decent DOF. It, of course has disadvantages like poor audio, autofocus and limited video per card. However it's worth looking into if you want the real film look without spending too much money



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