How about adding the ability for a feed owner to authorize trusted users to change/update the News and Feed Alerts status for their feed(s)?

Each feed owner would have the option of setting up an authorized list of those accounts who could access a limited control panel for their feed(s), where those users would then be able to change/update the News and Feed Alerts status, nothing else. The list would be unique per feed, and need not be the same authorized users for each feed a person runs. I can see this coming in very handy for local/regional feeds where you have a network of friends who monitor at various times during the day and night. If the ability to update those alerts is shared among multiple users, you're likely going to get much better and more timely usage out of that feature.

Whether or not this is even possible without a major re-write of the code, I have no idea, but I figure it's worth throwing out there