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    Live Sound In Church

    Hi guys.Hope you will help me with this.I am doing live sound in church and below is what i use;
    - Yamaha EMX 5000-20 powere mixer.
    - 4 JBL EON midrange powered speakers.
    - 8 SM58 microphones.
    1. I need to assign certain instruments and vocals to particular monitors on the platform, how do I do it cause the manual does not state?
    2. Do i need amplifiers to assist me with this?
    3. What do I need to add on what I have to improve my sound?
    4. Lastly, I use Adobe Audition 2.0 to record the live sound.Now i need to record each channel separately, what do I need to buy to make this possible that can record 14 channels? Currently I am recording one track straight from the mixer from a 4dB output port.

    Thank you.

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    The short answer cant record 14 channels with your board.
    I looked up your mixer, and it does not support multiple audio outputs, which you would need to get the separated channels you would need.

    To answer your software interface question you will need an audio interface. You are going to be maxed out at 8 input channels both on the interface and in Adobe Audition.

    As far as monitor feeds, it runs off the Aux. Just assign what you want to the Aux send and run that to your monitor...yes use an amp.

    As far as improving sound quality goes, that's a tough one. Live recording depends on acoustics, mic positioning and the desired end result. Do you want the recordings to sound live or like studio recordings?

    Hope this helps.


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