In response to Harry's question in the WebBBS thread:

Yes, Google's Adsense program can be a great money-maker but there are a couple of caveats...

(1) Forums tend not to perform as well as static pages with Adsense.

(2) You have to have a topic which attracts high-paying advertisers.

We're lucky that the field of audio/video production does attract good advertisers and is quite competitive for them.

Adsense has a very cool preview tool which shows which ads would appear on your page if you were running Adsense. You can download the tool here. I had a quick preview of your site Harry - some pages won't work at all with Adsense (no available ads match the page content) but some pages seem to show reasonably relevant ads. Try it yourself and see if you think the ads would work for your users.

The thing is that it's very easy to try and it costs nothing to join. If you get accepted, you start seeing results almost immediately so you don't have to waste days if it doesn't work.

Make sure you read Google's TOS though - they have some strict policies and there are horror stories of people being kicked out and losing all their money for doing something forbidden