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    need help streaming live video

    Hello, I work for a public access station that is trying to get the station live on the internet, real (or as close as possible to) real time. I am just trying to figure out the process and am hoping that the holes can be filled in on this thread:

    We would be sending the video from a vcr to a video card that can digitize and encode the media into appropriate formats. the confusion is how to embed the mpeg into html and whether you can send it to the server and have it webcasted real time, or close to it, or whether uploading to a server cannot happen constantly.

    Any one have any incite into this process?


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    Live streaming requires a special streaming server, so you never actually save the video as a file. The first thing you need to do is decide which format to use - the common ones are WinMedia, Flash, Real and Quicktime. The different formats all have diferent ways to stream video and it's not a simple explanation unfortunately. Also, they change their technology frequently enough that it's very hard to keep up with what they are all doing.

    My preference is Flash, which requires the Macromedia Flash Communications Server. You might like to have a look at the following site to see how they do it - this will show you the general concept:
    Dave Owen

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    Re: need help streaming live video

    Have you considered a streaming media account from a provider.
    A high quality cost effective provider is VMDirect.
    See their service levels/charges here:



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