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    Wiring 1/8 Stereo to Left and Right XLRs

    Hey all

    I'm having some problems getting a cable wired, so I'm asking for some expert advice.

    I have a 1/8 stereo male that I want to split into left and right channel XLRs. I'm doing this to send audio from my computer to my subwoofer, then on to my studio monitors. I had Mark Stoddard at Lavacable build me one, but it's not working -- and he's already tried to fix it once.

    With his cable, I can pan left and right and get audio, but when I move the balance to center, I get just garbled, odd audio.

    Further, my multimeter is showing signal from the tip of the 1/8 to BOTH XLRs, and it's also showing signal from the ring to BOTH XLRs. Shouldn't it be one or the other?

    All that said, how should this cable be wired? I can see how to wire the tip and ring to the left/right XLR, as well as a common ground -- but I don't know what to do with the XLR return.

    Anyone have a diagram they can post or draw for me?


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    1. tip to both XLRs, ring to both XLRs - which pins? what continuity do you get on pin 1, pin 2, pin 3? How do the XLRs measure to each other?

    2. what make and model sub?

    Back to you Saturday if nobody else replies; I'll be out of town.


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