So I'm 25 and have loved photography to spend countless hours taking pictures... but not enough to make it a living or a choice of study in college! Here is what I have: (feel free to let me know what you think of my set-up)

Minolta Maxxum XTsi 35mm

Rokvnar MC 2X Mx/AF Teleconverter

Tamron Aspherical LD 28-200mm 1:3.8-5.6 (my fave everyday keep it on most of the time lens)

Minolta AF Reflex 500mm

Minolta AF Zoom 75-300 1.5m/4.9ft Macro

Minolta AF Zoom 35-70 0.5/1.6ft Macro

Minolta AF Zoom 70-210 1.1m/3.6ft Macro

Minolta AF Zoom 28-80 0.4m/1.3ft Macro

Minolta AF Lens 28-85 Macro v 28

Manfrotto TriPod (I don't know the model number off by heart)

I also had a 50mm lens, a 18-35mm lens, and 2 flashes which I cannot find right now!

Should I upgrade and get a DSLR? I'm perfectly content with film, just wondering what you guys would say is the benefit of a Digital (other then the cost of film and development)

Here are some pics: