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    video tutorial on photoshop

    hi guys! can anyone help me in getting a training dvd for cs3- cs4 photoshop. I went on lynda to download free video tutorial and they have hundreds of different versions.pls if anyone have the video tutorial software on photoshop kindly sent it to my email I'm new to photoshop so I'm looking for beginers-intermidiate level. Thanks.

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    Sign up for a free trial at
    Watch the CS3 or CS4 Essential Training series depending on what version you have. You cannot download the tutorials but can watch them.
    You will have 7 days to view them all.

    There is tons of information about Photoshop on the internet.
    What is it that you are trying to figure out? The manual is pretty good also, definitely worth reading.
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    Do you want to Beginner or expert level training? basically it has two level, if you know the basic tools then you can get expert level tutorials. by the way, Internet is the best resources, just got in search engine and fine your problem regarding CS3 or CS4 and you will get alot of help.
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    Hi Boggieman

    Under new forum rules your signature link MUST be topic related !!!!

    Kindly amend your signature as it has nothing to do with video. You are more than welcome to add a video/audio related link or your personal website/blog




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