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    black frame around still images

    Hi and thanks for your time.
    I've been recently doing a lot of green screen production in my little studio.
    I sometimes use still images from the web as the background for my standup pieces.

    For Halloween, I wanted a masoleum in the background. I selected one from the web, saved it in my pictures, and when I imported it to Premiere Pro, it looked great.

    However, when I moved it to video track 2 and executed the steps to use it as background, a dark frame appeared around it. Almost like vignetteing or a letterbox, but with all four sides framed.

    Does anyone know what causes that and is there a means of getting rid of it?


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    Hi Doc

    It's all to do with aspect ratio. The horizontal pixels in SD video are not square even though the video is 720x480 pixels the actual still picture has a slightly different aspect ratio. You need to make your stills the video height and the video width X the horizontal pixel aspect ratio!!

    For NTSC SD the video is 720x480 and a still needs to be 655x480 as the pixel aspect in NTSC is 0.9091: 1

    For PAL SD video is 720x576 but stills need to be 788x576 as PAL horizontak pixels are wider. Check the format and then see what the pixel aspect is first. Widescreen HD is again different !! A 1440x1080 video has a still image of 1920x1080 !!


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    Great info!

    Thank you again, Chris! I'll try adjusting the sizing, although I'm not quite sure how to go about that. But I believe I can figure something out. Or use other pics!

    Again, thanks for your time and assistance.


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    Just go into the image properties and adjust the scale and position to fill the frame
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    Thanks Chuck!

    I'm new to this, so I'm not sure where to find any of this stuff. But I'm gettin' better! I'll look for image properties.

    Thanks for your help.


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    I'm pretty sure you can right-click the video clip in the timeline and select "Scale to Frame Size".
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    Scale to Framesize may work, depends on the image orientation and the project setting, Widescreen vs Standard 4:3. Worth a try for sure.

    Still, it's best to learn where the properties are and how to adjust them. That's the power of the software, being able to adjust the properties and use keyframes. That's how you do pan and zoom, fade in and out, and many other things
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