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    Problem with Canon 7D and camera RAW....

    Hi People,

    I have recently brought the new Canon 7D, beautiful camera! But I have a problem with camera raw. To open Raw images from the 7D you have to download camera raw 5.5, that wasnt the problem but once i downloaded it I opened a raw image, it had noise (little red pixels all over the image) after doing research this is a common problem with camera raw 5.5. Surprising, I know.

    So had anybody come across a fix for this?

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    Basically red pixels showing that its red eyes, try to check the camera setting and also increase the exposure.
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    I think your best bet is to check the Canon forum. Could you let us know what you find out? You'll probably help somebody else later on. Good luck!
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    I better think its about that Camera RAW doesnt support the new 7D yet.

    You have to wait a short to next time it updated.

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    I now read a little, and its in release candidate now, and coming soon.

    You can read, and maybe download the beta here:

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    Camera RAW 5,6 now available by update or download.


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