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    How do I keep audio and replace a section of video?

    My Xacti CG9 camcorder produces MPEG4 videos which I convert into AVI for editing with ArcSoft ShowBiz DVD2.

    I'm wondering if it's possible to keep the audio and replace a section of the original video with another shot. Is this an editing software issue?

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    Pretty much any editing software can do this, it's a standard task in editing. I'm not familiar with your software but in general DVD applications are designed just for DVD authoring, not video editing, so you'll probably need to use an editor instead.

    When you do, the simplest way to achieve what you want is by using layers. You add a new video layer over the top of the existing one. That's a pretty short explanation that probably doesn't help, but let us know if you need more guidance.
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    yes, you should find software to edit.

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    You can exact the audio then insert it to your video.


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