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    MP4 Player Problems

    This message is for all of you who are having trouble with MP4 players. I'm afraid it's all bad news.

    First of all, if you bought an MP4 (or MP3) player from Asia there is a very good chance that it is fake, doesn't have the advertised capacity, and/or is generally useless. Sorry but this is a good lesson about why you pay more when you purchase from a reputable local supplier, and why buying cheap overseas products is often false economy.

    Secondly, even with legitimate MP4 players, these things seem to cause an inordinate amount of problems. Having seen all the messages on these forums (and others as well) I would certainly never buy one.

    Finally, I'm afraid that most questions posted in our forum don't get good answers. Partly because there are so many of them, partly because our members don't know the answers.

    Here are a couple of links which may be of use. If anyone has any more, please reply to this thread if you are an established member, or PM me if you are not (remember that new members may not post links). (Help with unbranded players) (review of nano knock offs)
    Dave Owen

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    Mp4 Player I have

    My mp4 player has this problem.. when I want to listen to songs I have like 10 or something songs on there and it only plays 3 songs.. do you know what is wrong with that?

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    I have a problem with this type of MP4 player (the Nano knockoff). It's my girlfriend's old player. When I turn it on now, it just hangs on the egg timerm that appears while it's powering up. When I've had problems with the 'dongle' type players in the past I've simply reformated them. I can't even find this one as a drive. Does anyone have any thoughts as to what I should do?


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    Welcome to MediaCollege!

    I haven't used one of these myself, but does the drive display in Disk Management?

    In the start menu, right click My Computer, Manage, Disk Management. You can try reformatting from there.

    If you're still having issues you can create a new thread but as discussed above, this isn't a tech forum as such, although I do work in a computer shop on a Saturday and am a general geek



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