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    Freezing and green squares on dvd??

    Hi I just finished a video project and everything went well in post and up to the time when I tried playing it on a dvd player. The dvd plays good the first couple minutes but after that it starts freezing and greens squares start appearing making it impossible to play further. My programs that I used are Premiere Pro cs4 for editing, TMPGEnc 4.0 for down converting from hdv to mpeg 2, and TMPGEnc Authoring for producing to dvd. I burned it on the slowest speed possible. What do you think that can be? Or maybe you can recommend whats the best way to author dvd's with maintaing the highest quality? Thanks ahead of time for your help.

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    Hi tlk pro -
    Welcome to Media College. So if you played other dvds in the same player, do you get similar problems or does it go away OR do you get a mixture of good and bad playback? If you burn a second disc, does the problem show up again? And my last series of questions, does the problem occur after a certain amount of time? Meaning, picture freezes after 45 mins of content play.

    Let us know what your results are.
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