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    Wedding Video - Tips & Tricks Anyone?

    Hi All

    I'm filming a friend's wedding in a couple of week's time. Anyone got any useful tips, tricks, interesting experiences concerning this subject?

    I'm doing a 2 camera job and also taking along a MD Recorder & Mic to capture the sound (don't trust my on-board Camera Mic).

    Thanks in advance!

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    Daniel Fowler

    Wedding to Do

    Make sure if you are using wireless sound to check with the frequencies of the keyboard or singer if situation exsist.

    Do not depend on anyone elses sound board, get your own sound

    You have only one shot!

    During rehearsal Claim your video taping spot!
    usually when it actually happens you may not be able to get in there with the wedding party in the way, and you may miss the faces of that magic moment!

    Plan Plan Plan!

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    Wedding Video

    Thanks Daniel!

    Not going wireless. I'm hoping the vicar is ok with me using a table mic stand on the floor near him. Not ideal I know but it's the only sound equipment I got.

    Much appreciated.

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    We have a few simple tips on this page. We should probably have a lot more material on weddings because it's such a big subject. Anyone else got more wedding tips they'd like to offer?
    Dave Owen


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