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    Hello. I'm going to buy a macbook air (witch has only one audio Output and no Inputs, how I understood) , a mixer Behringer 802, Shure sm58 microphone and make some home recording. I looked through the internet wondering how I should connect everything to work and I got really mixed up. I would be so greateful if you could tell me if this combination would work:
    sm58 xlr jack connect with the the mixer, than the mixers input connect with laptops output, and my speakers connect to mixers output. Would everything work? Would the speakers play the music from the laptop? because I dont understand how just through Output laptop can recieve mic signals and send music to the speakers.
    Also would the sound be good?

    I would so appreciate your help, because I'm afraid to buy so much expensive stuff and find out that it wont work.

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    I would like to suggest you to go for dell.

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    If you are planning to record onto your laptop, then No, that wont work. A audio I/O Interface card will be necessary. I use a M-Audio Transit that connects via USB. This allows an input into the computer from the output of your mixer.


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    You are welcome...good luck



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