Hi everybody,

I had some years English in school, but its not the best for sure ;-). Hopefully, everybody will understand me.

My goal is to start an internal Webstream. That means, there is a webcam which is connected to a computer. Everybody in the (internal) network should open the ip in the internet explorer and should be able to watch the stream. Therefore I have read a lot of stuff about webstreaming and so on.
But there is so much information I am getting more and more confused.

A suitable solution seems to be to embedded a flash player on the streaming computer via php? (apache service is running).

I already tried webcamXP but this is only sending jpgs every second. The clients which should see this stream are all having ie8, I think they are able to start this flash stream ?!

Would be nice if anybody could explain me how i can realize this. Do you think with apache service running and embedding a flash player in php is a good solution?

Any hints and answers are welcome.
Thanks all