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    Shooting a Live Christmas Jazz Concert

    Hi Everyone, my first post! I'm from the days of U-Matic tapes and linear editing suites, but finding out more of what's happening these days. I'm currently giving tips to a local Jazz Group arranging for the filming of a Christmas performance. They have been approached by various Videographers but need more advice since last year's coverage had fairly good audio but dark pictures.
    The free show (plus lemonade, cookies & "suya"!) is usually in a hall seating about 500. Vocals and instruments sound great, but I suspect the audience often gets more of direct sounds, rather than from PA, of the regular and "African" drum kits. For this reason, I'm suggesting a stereo-pair mics in front of the stage for main audio feed, rather than from the main off-stage mixer.
    The lighting is very good for a show, but this is where I am most concerned since various coloured lights are controlled to suit the mood of music, and this means from almost dark to really bright.
    I've suggested they insist on at least two cameras on proper tripods, one for the long shot, while the one close to stage anticipates flow of music and shoots accordingly, mostly from a shoulder. For same reason, Camera men, or women are expected to attend rehearsals of the concert.
    I'll love tips on how this ought to be done.

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    It sounds like you're on the right track. If possible, record both the desk mix and the mics in front of the stage. Often the best result comes from mixing these two sources together. Of course if you can record all the desk inputs in a multi-track recording that gives you the best flexibility of all.

    I always insist on at least two cameras for serious event coverage.
    Dave Owen


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