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Thread: Z1 Vs HD100

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    Z1 Vs HD100

    I really want to buy an HD camera.

    I loved the Sony HVR Z1 - but now there is a new boy in town, the JVC GY HD100.

    They are both really good in different ways, I know people say "get the one thats right for you". Well I am wanting to use it for Short films, maybe a low budget feature, or documentaries.

    The HD100 has an interchangable lenses, and is shoulder mounted, I guess it could be better, but it also costs 1500 more than the Z1.

    So I guess I am asking: Is the HD100 1500's better than the Z1?
    I haven't really got 4500 for the JVC, but its worth considering.

    So which is the biggest bang for the buck? I am always one for looking for the best deals you see

    Cheers Guys
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    24p is the answer.
    Film like is the goal and this camera has it.
    Sony went the 1080i route.


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