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    Audio Research Multiple Inputs

    First time post. Could anyone have any recommendation for audio software that can be used to bring in multiple microphone inputs and then have the software do various operations on those signals. For example
    -Add signals
    -Delay and Sum Beamforming algorithms as well as others

    I would like to bring in at least 4 microphone signals, preferably 8 but that may not be possible with the PC that I have.

    The ultimate goal here is to create use a PDA to do the sound processing to remove unwanted noise from the sides and rear facing mics and to do whatever processing will clean up and enhance spoken speech. Since that is a long ways off probably, I would like to start with some hopefully basic things on the PC. So far I can only bring in one mic signal and the software I use seems to also only support 1 mic (Audacity). In addition, Audacity I dont think has the ability to perform processing at or near real time on multiple signals.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    I haven't worked with this stuff, so consider this a semi-informed guess based on hearsay.

    A lot of complicated summing, differencing and cancellation ideas work better in theory than in fact. If I guess correctly, you want to have an array of mics, more or less in one place, and use DSP to process their outputs so as to create a very narrow pickup pattern that can be aimed in any direction. In other words, a virtual shotgun mic that can be rotated via software. This is certainly possible, but I'm not aware of anyone making this a commercially available product yet.

    On the other hand, if you don't need to rotate the mic - if it will always be aimed in the same direction - why not use a conventional shotgun mic? A good one can make someone sound "on mic" from 20 feet away.

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    As far as the Inputs goes, you need an interface card with multiple inputs.

    For software, you get what you pay for. Audicy wont cut it. I've used Pro Tools, Adobe Audition and Vegas. All of these allow for external control of mixing via MIDI.

    Hope this helps



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