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    Copyright permission

    SOme two days befoer I've sent a message in the contact form of site. Nobody responded so I'm guessing nobody recieved it (or checked it). Here's the message I sent again in forum:
    Hi! In recent two days I've been slaving at my computer to create my personal website. I can DO php, but css design is a bit challenging. Could you believe that I spend more time trying to make something that I find visually appealing than writing php scripts? Well, I like to stick to css as possible and avoid Javascript whenever I can, but I came across a small problem that NEEDS Javascript. Textarea form element needs to be limited on number of characters. Some 3-4 months ago I DID a Javascript that did just that (to my suprise) however unlike your example my didn't had a onKeyUp action and limit number was inside function. I did manage to build it somehow and it looked nice but this time I searched the net and your example was first thing I find. My question is:
    Can I use it or not? I didn't want to take the script without asking to be sure. Yes, you say on your first page that everything is 100% free but I like to be sure.
    Well, needless to say I need a response. I've already placed an example on my php page on my local webserver but until I get a permission I can't use it on my web site that I'm making. Response would be desireable since I'm wasting time now that I could spent trying to make function that does the same thng but on a slighty different way so as not to violate copyright. It's going to be hard as the function is simple but I guess I could change a bit or two to make it less ...better? xD Anyway, somebody should answer me. Yes or no. Thank you for your time.

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    Go the response. Thread closed. xD

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    Sorry about the delay. I did send you an email a while ago now. If you didn't get it, I said that you do have permission top use the script.
    Dave Owen


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