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    How do i configure pdfs to always open (ie, by default) on Reader and not on Acrobat?
    Before i installed acrobat, whenever i would check if uploads of pdfs to the site were successful, the pdf would open on the browser using the reader. It now tries to open on acrobat, jumping to this program because web is not compatible to open on acrobat.

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    If you're using Windows, go to My Computer, select Tools > Folder Options and click the File Types tab. Find PDF files from the list. Next to "Opens With", click the Change button and locate the Acrobat Reader executable file (I think it's called Acroread.exe or AcroRd.exe or something like that).

    Finding the executable file will be the hardest part. You may need to Google it to see where it's located. Sorry I can't help more but the kids are yelling "Let's go!"
    Dave Owen

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    Hi Dave,

    its been quite some time since i was last on the Forum. I was checking out your helpful answer to this issue, but now with Windows Vista i cant find the 'File Types tab' in the directory you mention above. Please help. Thank you.

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    OK, anyone?

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    PDF open in Reader

    The answer is in the reader software. in Adobe Reader go to the preferences and in the Internet section UN-CHECK the "Display PDF in Browser" option.

    The wording may not be exact for different versions or operating systems, but most of the windows versions I have had, that is what I do.

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    Setting file types and programs:

    Control Panel\Programs\Default Programs\Set Associations

    Copy and paste into your Windows 7 'Explorer' bar to get to it quickly, or follow the names on the icons to get there the slow way.



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