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    'Lo again, if the amp is limited to 40 watts per channel, that's all you're going to get, no matter how much you boost the input signal. No part of the output power comes from the input, it comes from the power line - just as flipping a light switch does not transfer power from your finger to the lights, it only connects a circuit that allows power from the line to get to the lights. Want more power, buy a bigger amp, and then you'll probably find yourself blowing up more speakers. Cheaper way: move the speakers closer to you.

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    Thanks Karl, I kind of figures as much. The sound is really amazing as it is right now, and I don't want to overdrive those vintage monitors I have. I suppose I could run a pair of powered monitors out of the AVR 210, and then let them boost up the signal a bit. Until then, it is a listening room..not a listening and talking room. The way it should be! Thanks for the reply-


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