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    So some manager figured the easiest solution was to stop us timing via the program feed.
    That's just so unreasonable. Once that situation was realized, a simple call to Master Control to let them know that there's maintenance routine being performed is all that it really needed. Unless of the course the alarms were ringing at 100 dB and throwing the room into a panic spin!!
    Relationships are based on compromises - behavior accepted is behavior repeated.

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    hiii to all....
    i came back to provide the solution for the flash was appearing at the end of dissolving or mixing
    since the flash was a result of suddenly increase in the video gain while moving the lever arm from bus to bus (pst and pgm) even although within the same source... i tried to adjust the pots of the (mixing flip-flop)module so that reduced a little bit the gain and untill the flash disappeared while moving the lever arm between pst and pgm busses.
    and i think i have to adjust the last stage vda (video disribution amplifier) in the way to equalize the reduced gain level to be disributed to the overall system

    note: my vision mixer is gvg 1600-f very old one

    i hate the master control guys coz they always want everything ready,talking too much and doing nothing :#


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