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    Installing MS-office 2010 on Win Med Server

    1. Does anyone know if you can install the beta version of MS-office 2010 on a Windows Media Server?
    2. If yes, aside from having a program launcher, is there an easy way to do this install? I have down loaded office 2010 and a program launcher, but get errors when trying to execute the 2010 install. It tells me that i need admin rights even though I m the admin.

    I want to be able to launch Outlook / Excell, etc. remotely from a netbook that does not have these applications on it.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Can I ask why you can't install Office 2010 onto your netbook? As it's not available from retail stores (because it's still in Beta), it's only available via a download, thus even simpler to install on to there.



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