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    How do I take this off the lcd screen

    I have a JVC Compact VHS Camcorder Model GR-SXM260U, and I would like to know how to remove all the icons displaying on the lcd screen while recording. the icons include, the date and time, and the battery and record icons.

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    There'll be a setting in the menu, here's a link to the Instruction Manual which you can download as a pdf. It should be in there.

    This is from page 21.

    FULL: Makes all of the indications appear on the
    LCD monitor/viewfinder during playback or
    SIMPLE: Makes the following indications
    disappear from the LCD monitor/viewfinder during
    recording or playback: , tape remaining time,
    , tape length ( pg. 9, 17).
    Makes the date/time appear in the camcorder or on
    a connected monitor (set DATE/TIME in SYSTEM
    MENU first  pg. 7).
    • The selected display will be recorded. If you do
    not want to record the display, select OFF before
    • In the AUTO DATE mode, the camcorder records
    the date for about 5 seconds when recording is
    initiated after the date is changed, a cassette is
    loaded, or AUTO DATE is selected. The date is
    replaced after 5 seconds with “AUTO DATE” but
    this is not recorded.
    ON: On-screen indications are displayed.
    OFF: On-screen indications are turned off except
    Date/Time, Instant


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