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    Vista / Vegas Problems

    It's been a while since I posted, so hello all

    I am currently working on a short film, using the Canon HV20 to shoot, and Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.0 running on Vista to edit.

    Now I have a very serious problem that is sort of the wrench that may prevent me from ever completing the movie. I got to a point where I have too much video edited I guess, and every time I render to wmv or avi or m2v or whatever format I choose, Sony Vegas causes the laptop to overheat, at which point 1 of 3 things happens each time I try to render.

    1. Vegas simply crashes. It does not save, it does not stall or freeze, it just shuts down completely, and I have to reopen the file and pick up from where I left off.
    2. I get an error message saying "An unexpected error has occurred. An exception has occurred". At this point I can either click on "Details" which is no help since the details are just numbers and symbols, or I click on the other button which shuts Vegas down.
    3. I get another error message saying "The system is low on memory" and that also leads to Sony Vegas shutting down. It is impossible for me to have low system memory when the only thing running is Vegas and couple other folders and files are open.

    Here are my laptop specs:

    HP HDX18 Notebook PC
    Intel Quadcore CPU 2.00 GHz
    4 GB of DDR3 RAM
    1 GB NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT
    64 bit Windows Vista O.S.

    I purchased a very good cooling pad, with a 7inch fan that keeps the bottom of the laptop cooler than before. I rendered footage with the cooling pad in-place, and the rendering actually went a little further than before, but Vegas still crashed. Next step was to place the laptop and the cooling pad near an open window. Unfortunately not even the freezing Milwaukee weather was able to keep Vegas running. I could feel the laptop become very cold from the air blowing through the window, but Vegas still crashes. The last film I did I had used the same camera, but edited on a less advanced PC, an HP with Dual-Core processor and 3 GB of RAM, running on Vista too, and that laptop was able to render the footage without any problems.

    Anyway, back to the Quadcore. Another problem is that playing back HD footage on Sony Vegas is very annoying as it is lagging and not playing all frames. The player just decides to skip frames as it cannot render them in time I guess. I tried lowering the playback resolution alot, down to the lowest Draft option, still skips alot of frames. Although when i keep playing that segment over and over and over and over again, I finally get a smooth enough playback, although you can see how this is a waste of time.

    My laptop has no virus issues, has no other problems. I can render 40 or 50 minutes HD clips on Windows Movie Maker, but I cannot even render 1 minute of edited HD footage on Sony Vegas 9.

    Does anyone know what i should do in this situation? Any help would be great. Thanks

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    It could pay to check the cooling system for dust - that can cause overheating.

    The error message could be useful even though it's just numbers. Try copying the error code and googling it - sometimes you'll find someone else who has reported the same issue. You could also post the error code here - you never know if someone might recognise it.

    Other than that I'm not sure what to do. Your specs look okay. I'd expect it to be a bit slow but you should be able to render more than a minute's worth of HD (I assume it's HDV?).

    As a last resort you could try rendering very short segments of the project at a time, then combining the rendered files into a finished product.
    Dave Owen

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    This may help...same problem, different forum!!


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    thanks for the replies pple. i check the forum above, and it told me to download that software and make vegas access more than 2 gig of Ram or soemthing. i did that, but i couldnt save like the instructions told me to do. then i called HP tech support. we checked the RAM and the hard disks, and all turned out to be fine. and we did a BIOS and NVIDIA driver update, and vegas still crashed. i installed the same vegas on a new sony viao windows 7 laptop, the footage plays back much much more smoother, doesnt lag at all, but the software still crashes. so the problem is now from the software and not from windows vista. so im just gonna have to suck it up and render it another way. thanks all for ur help and support i really appreciate it

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    I am on Vista too
    I recorded a powerpoint presentation using Camtasia 6, produced it to a hd mp4 file, tried to import it into sony vegas 9 platinum, and the vegas gives an exception and crashed every time. Any thoughts?

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    i know this is waaay too late to respond lol, but i have solved the issue.

    i guess sony vegas "likes" .m2t footage, which is the format of all HD footage imported using sony vegas. now, i couldnt import using sony vegas because my firewire port was malfunctioning, so i used windows movie maker on a friend's laptop to import the footage, and save it as wmv HD footage. when i import that into sony vegas on MY laptop, that causes sony vegas to stall and crash, simply because there is too much HD wmv footage for Vista to handle. any editing, converting, rendering, or even placing effects on the footage caused vegas to crash.

    i ended up having to render out EVERY single shot to .m2t in a seperate folder, then re-arranging alllll those shots in a new vegas file, and then importing allll the audio from the movie as a SINGLE mp3 file, and just make sure my footage and audio matched. then with a little natural milwaukee freezing wind acting as a cooling source, sony vegas happily rendered all the footage, without crashing a single time.

    so if anyone else has this problem, go for .m2t and u should be good

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