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    Wiring 2 mini jack to mono XLR?


    What's the best cabling arrangement for combining 2 separate mono outputs (two radio receivers receiving signals from separate mic transmitters) and inputting them into the one XLR socket?

    I've bought an XLR male and the two mini-jack males and followed a wiring diagram on this website but still no luck. The mini-jacks have to be stereo even though they're outputting mono.

    The short story is I have a regular gig shooting talks and occasionally there are 2 speakers whom I wire up with my Sony lapel radio mikes but I have to leave a channel on the camera free for a directional mike to pick up audience questions. A sound recordist is the best solution but client won't always pay for this.


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    Hi Afterglow

    Probably the safest route route is to grab a little 3 channel passive Azden mixer off ebay (about $40) and plug your receivers into that and then the output cable can be a mini-jack stereo thru to an XLR plug. Just bridge pins 1 and 3 on the XLR and take the screen to that and then both conductors need to go to pin 2 on the XLR so you will feed both outputs to the camera.

    My azden radio mics are also wired to stereo jacks ...the normal connection cable that comes with the receiver is stereo at the receiver end and terminates also at a stereo jack so both 3.5mm cam channels get a signal. With XLR all you do is bridge both conductors.



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