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    Boom pole and Shotgun mic for video

    I'm looking for 2 things.

    1. A boom pole. Something that is under $100.
    2. A shotgun mic. Also needs to be under $100. I have a Gl-2 and it would be nice to have a mic that could be used both with the pole and also on the camera.

    I'm newish to the video world and I don't a large amount of money to invest right now. Most of the jobs I'm getting are not needing pro level yet, so I'm hoping to get a low level mic and pole and then move up as i can pay the $$$.

    Thanks for any input.

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    Much rather spend $150 on the mic and $50 on the pole!!
    You need something with a decent amount of "oomph" and output just for starters and el-cheapo mics won't help. I would go minimum for something like a Rode Videomic get be able to get one under $150 easily and it has a hot output and a fairly decent suspension unit which is critical for a boomed mic!!

    For the boom just wander thru the hardware store and you will find plenty of telescopic brush handles that will do a good job for a small price!! Fishing shops also have great net handles made from fibreglass that are light and strong!!


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    I agree 100% - spend your money on the mic. I have a Rode too and it's a fine mic that didn't break the budget.

    You're better off with a broom-handle holding a nice mic than a nice boom pole holding an average mic.
    Dave Owen

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    Thanks for your input. The mics looks very nice. I should be picking one up soon.

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    How would I go about mounting this to a boom pole or whatever I end up with?

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    Quote: Dave
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    You're better off with a broom-handle holding a nice mic than a nice boom pole holding an average mic.
    Nice analogy Dave - I like that!!
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