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    off-line multimedia application file formats?

    Hello, apologises if this is appearing in the wrong thread but the topic I canít figure where else to post. Iím a A/V student, with a small grasp of terminology and understanding. A recent task I have been set is to produce a comparison between multimedia formats, on-line and off-line.

    However, Iím unable to answer this question. Identify and explain three common web page file formats and two common off-line multimedia application file formats I have no idea where or how to find and understand the difference between off-line and online formats. Can anyone help? Iím not looking for a full descript answer but something that can give me a basic grasp of it. Any links or references you can advise would be great.


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    Hi bofh

    From what I understand myself, I'd assume that an online format in this case would be something such as flv or f4v, these are formats that YouTube uses if I remember correctly.

    Offline formats tend to be a higher quality, because they aren't often subject to compression (YouTube compresses videos quite heavily so they don't run out of space, and so that they're quicker to download).

    Any more details needed, post back. Hopefully that's a starter offer for you :-)


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    Thank you kindly for that insight into this rather confusing file format/File Coding forms. Ah. I think that will get me started. Thank you

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    In this case I'd say James is on the money. Although on-line and off-line can refer to different stages of the editing process (basically you do an offline edit first then transfer to an online edit suite for the final cut), the context of your question indicates that online refers to web pages. That would mean offline refers to everything else (DVD, HDTV, Cinema's JPEG2000, etc).
    Dave Owen


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