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    Which is the Best news channel?

    Hello everybody.
    There are several channels for news.Every website compete to produce news as earlier as possible.In India Zee News , NDTV, Times now are the most popular news channels.Every channels produce the minute informations.What is the most popular and best news channel in your area?Please share your replies.Thanks for the time.

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    For me mine CNN is my all time favorite. I just love to watch it.

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    Hi Sanjula,
    Thanks for the posted comment. Have you got any information on the recommended news channels in Ireland. If you have any idea you can pass on to me. Thanks.

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    In Television, CNN and on the internet, I prefer
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    NN24 TV, Nigeria

    Here in Nigeria, its NN24 (Network News 24). Its a new 24-hour all-news television station, launching in January. They have started the rehearsal phase now. Believe me, its another CNN in the making

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    CNN is my favorite news channel and i am watching this since my teenage.

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    In our country BBC is the most popular channel. And one more national GEO TV.


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