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    Premiere to Encore problems

    somebody, anybody please help me with this! I am new to using Encore, and am in desperate need of some guidance. Have looked on plenty of other forums and found no answers. So here it is:

    I have edited a HD sequence in Premiere, frame rate 29.97, it looks great. Then I send it to Encore through Dynamic link. All is well except when there is motion like a golf swing see below.. I've tried different export methods like P2 movie and Mpeg2 but i get the same problem. I've also tried different codecs and quality settings. Is this a interlacing problem? codec? frame rate? field order? bitrate? Is it something insanely simple that I am missing? ANY advice would be incredibly appreciated.

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    Looks like interlacing, but I don't know enough about it to be able to give you a definitive answer - just check the settings of the Encore project and the Premiere project and make sure they match up.

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    Definitely an interlacing problem. I can't give you a simple fix but I've seen similar problems plenty of times - often just changing the field order can fix it. Unfortunately HDV uses upper field first while standard DVD uses lower field first, so there's plenty of opportunity for things to turn ugly.

    A couple of other things to try:

    - Render the file as an AVI and then import into Encore, rather than using dynamic link.
    - Specify progressive scan instead of interlacing.
    Dave Owen


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