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    speaker problem!!!!

    here are the technical details.

    i want to use one front speaker of it on my desktop.

    Please any one help me so that i can use only the speaker without the main unit on my pc.

    i have inbuilt sound card on my desktop.
    thanks in advance...

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    Line out from your card to the speaker.


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    how dear if i line out i need the main unit.......

    please help......

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    Your response is a bit intelligible and I am confused what you are trying to say is that you just want to use the speaker from your stereo on the computer? Do you know how to solder? Because you will need to solder up a connector to do it. You are better off using the line out from your computer to the Aux in on the stereo if you don't have the tools, ability or know how when it comes to soldering up an 1/8 inch connector.


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    yeah i can solder and i have the tool for soldering.......please give me details......

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    uh...Solder on a 1/8 plug to your speaker cable...thought you would have gotten that from my post.

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    there are four wires in my speaker how will i do soldering,i mean which wire should be added where brother!!!!!!!!

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    How many ohms is the speaker?

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    And...What kind of soundcard are you using? Your speakers may require more ohms than your soundcard is capable other wont work.

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    Speaker Section
    Type: 4way 4 speaker system
    sub-woofer: 17 cm cone type
    woofer: 12 cm cone type
    mid-range: 6 cm cone type
    tweeter : piezo type
    impedance : total 6 ohm
    input power: total 170 w (music)
    total 85w (din)
    output sound pressure level : 84dB?w (1.0m)
    crossover frequency : 200hz,3.5 khz
    freq range 45 hz-22khz (-16dB)
    dimension :250x345x310 mm
    weight: 4.9kg

    Onboard audio with:
    Realtek alc662 6-channel high definition audio CODEC
    Supports Multi-streaming and anti-pop function
    Supports s/pdif out interface
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