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    Dissolves Won't Render Properly (Premiere Pro)

    I just don't get it. Trying many different containers (MP4, MPG, MOV) and dozens of different codec combinations and bit rates, dissolves in my sequence almost never render properly. Most of the video comes out looking great, including text effects that fade in and out over the video, but simple cross dissolve of video only almost always render with all sorts of horribly pixelated squares and junk destroying everything.

    Here's a frame grab from a simple dip to black. See all the blocky squares everywhere. Yuck.

    And here's a less common "total crap ball" frame that pops up on some simple cross dissolves

    What's the deal? Everything including the dissolves looks GREAT within Adobe Premiere but most attempts to render end up with dissolves that ruin the point of trying.

    Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 (not 4)
    Source video is HD MP4 from a Flip UltraHD (1280x720 @ 29.97fps)
    Project setting match source video
    Cross dissolving titles on and off never has a problem - it's only dissolves between video sources.

    Since the source is 1280x720 and online video sharing sites allow HD all I want to do is render out equal size at good enough quality. Shouldn't be too hard for any program, let alone Premiere Pro

    Like I said, I've been having problems with almost every settings combination I can think of. The video part without dissolves looks great - this is only happening to dissolve areas. The one exception is when I rendered out an MPG under medium DV preset. For some unknown reason the dissolves all looked okay under that one but the resulting video was DV 720x480 which is neither HD quality nor even 16:9 aspect ration.

    Any ideas or suggestions on how to get dissolves to render properly?

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    So it still appears blocky when you use presets, such as YouTube etc?

    Try not to change any setting if you can help it, and just try exporting as a standard preset.


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    Yes, I tried all sorts of presets and they all come out with these major errors on simple video cross dissolves.

    It appears to be less prevalent with smaller canvases but it's still happening. But what I want is HD resolution just like my source (otherwise what's the point of shooting HD).

    Also most of the presets like you tube are not 16:9 aspect ratio so tweaking is necessary on all but a few presets.

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    I've seen this problem before and experienced it myself occasionally, although from memory I don't think it's happened to me since upgrading to CS4.

    Have you tried changing the duration of the transition slightly? Sometimes I find that adding or removing a few frames helps with dodgy transitions.

    Other than that I can't think of anything else to try. Except going for the wallet of course and taking a punt on CS4 fixing the problem.
    Dave Owen

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    This may help,

    I use FCP7, and this allows you to drop compression markers at various intervals on the timeline to prevent this sort of thing. From the top of my head I believe the reason this happens is because your cut/dissolve is happening within the middle of a GOP (group of pictures). At the beginning of each GOP an I-frame (the first frame of each GOP) is processed and by having your clip change in the middle causes the pixeling. By dropping a compression marker either side of the cut/dissolve you are manually forcing a new I-frame each time rendering your video pixel free! I'm not sure if something like this exists in your post software but maybe worth a look see if something similar is tucked inside your suite. Also, can you encode you video to do a twice pass VBR, this helps tremendously too.

    Good hunting

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    Thanks for the help but no progress made. I tried altering the dissolve speeds and that didn't help. I tried different GOP settings including no GOP settings in some file formats. Still nothing.

    I did an in timeline render of my work area by pressing enter (not an export) and it totally freaked out on dissolves too so I'm now confused this is not relevant to export settings but something going wrong when Premiere renders it.

    Still lost, so if anybody has any other ideas down the road I still welcome more suggestions. Thanks anyway to all that have offered suggestions.

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    Hi gopanthers,

    Whenever I need to rerender the timeline for something like this, I usually try removing the files that Adobe has already rendered - a bit like a cache.

    Please make sure you backup all the files!!!

    Close Premiere Pro and all other programs accessing the project. Go to the project folder, and look for Adobe Premiere Pro Preview Files. Go inside this folder, and inside the next one. Try deleting these files, and opening the project and re-rendering the entire work area.

    Hope it helps, but I don't think that this is the issue.



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