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    [Premiere] Mixing SD/HD Footage

    What's the best sequence preset for using standard DV footage along with crisp fresh HDV? Should I set it to normal HDV (1080i25 (50i)) and it'll work fine, or do I need to change something else?



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    Hi James

    Just bear in mind that SD footage has a different PAR to HDV footage and also the fields are reversed!! HDV is Upper Field first and SD is Lower Field first so you would have to de-interlace the footage first before rendering down to SD!!!
    Otherwise use your camera's built-in convertor to SD or render just the HDV out to a lossless AVI like Lagarith and then bring in the AVI with your SD footage.

    I transcode all my AVCHD footage to Widescreen PAL SD before I edit...makes life a lot easier!!



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