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    Use of Polariser.

    Am trying to improve my camera work, especially filming documentaries. I've been trying out different filters and am happy for many of them. the biggest problem i have is to get to know how effective a polarizer can be. Please someone, explain to me.

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    Hello Cocu,
    The polarizing filter is a tool used to block (a majority of) reflected light. My own understanding is, when light travels and is reflects off a surface (i.e. glass or something shiny but not a mirror) it's orientation is changed. That's when you can rotate the polarizing filter to block some to almost all of that reflection.

    In addition, if you use the filter in a general scene where there are no visible reflections, you will notice that your captured imaged will look great in comparison to the same scene without the polarizing filter. Naturally in this case, with the polarizing filter your image will look darker unless you compensate with your camera settings or add more light.
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    Thanks SC358.
    I appreciate your intervention and i agree with you about shiny stuff and reflecting areas. Improvement of quality images is what I am going to try and see what it gives.
    Thanks a lot.


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