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    Movie Shots

    Hello guys and how are you doing. I have just recently finished revising my movie script and now want to go into production. Its going to be a very low budget movie. I want yo help with links of where how i can shoot professional shots like those in movies. My friend tells me that you once posted them on this site or you provided a link, he doesn't recall. Any ideas guys. Thanks.

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    Hi obegun,

    What sort of movie is it going to be? Action? Comedy? Romance? All of these will have vastly different 'feels', and as such the shots you go for will be totally different.


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    its going to be a drama

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    In professional movie shoots they use more than just a camera and a tripod. To get the kinda shots I think you are talking about you will need equipment such as; cranes, steadi-cam system, dollies/track and people to use them. Obviously for a low budget production these are usually out of the question as they are very expensive to hire let alone purchase!
    However some of the shooting styles can be created by using things you may already have and/or build. For example; you can create a crane move by simply retracting one of the legs of your tripod and using the two to allow the camera to raise and lower on a pivot with the two legs. Granted the movement is somewhat limited but you may be able to bag some shots with this method. As for building I would suggest having a chat to Chris Harding on here as his ideas in DIY equipment is genius!!

    Good hunting!!

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    Hi Obegun

    You are more than welcome to take a look at my DIY page

    Thanks for the kind words Tom..not nearly a genius, rather just trying to fill a need!!


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    Hi Obegun.

    Good luck for your drama. I must tell you that ChrisHarding's link is very interesting for anyone who wants to produce amazing shots with low budget.
    But my understanding of shots is not only the look and motion given by different shots. The most important thing is the "MEANING" of the shot. From wide to mid and Close-up shots, there is always a meaning of a particular shot, and that's what you should consider more.

    Crane, dolly, helicopter, Steadicam..., are not just used because there is money to spend on them. They are used for a purpose. For your drama, Every single shot must emphasize the meaning of it.

    For "low budget" movie, you can still make shots look "amazing" if you are "keen" on "lighting" and "set". Set means the surroundings of the "shot". Don't put anything in a shot if it doesn't have a specific meaning to the shot. Don't light for the sake of lighting a scene. Light it properly and bring the mood of a scene by just using light.

    There's a lot you can do, but the most important thing is the "CREW".
    Think about the crew in terms of your budget and the whole product. Perfect crew brings perfect and amazing job no matter what conditions of shooting. Please, consider these and your Movie will be Great.


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