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    Sutud J

    Please advise me.... Thank a lot

    Due to I am very new in audio system but I have some questions below:

    1. The balance audio system compare to unbalance audio (if we use the same cable) which system can wiring audio cable longer and what is the maximum distance that we can wiring for both balance and unbalance??

    2. If I have Plasma device that use mini-jack for audio input (that is unbalance?? am I right??) and I also have audio source (Kramer-that use XLR jack(Balance??)which far from Plasma 120 m. and wiring the balance cable what will happen this system will work or not?? if I use the connection that I learn from this website ( XLR to 2x RCA) This system will call balance or unbalance???? Can I wiring longer than 120 m.???

    Sutud J.

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    Re: Please advise me.... Thank a lot

    120 meters? That is a rather long distance. XLR to 2 RCA jacks, no matter how they are wired, will never be "balanced". This is a method of cancelling noise picked up by the wire (RF interference, electro-magnetic induction) and only works when all the devices, jacks, plugs and wiring have two conductors (tip and ring) and shield (sleeve). RCA only has 1 conductor (tip) and shield. The devices themselves must be wired for balanced operation also. Since longer wires are more susceptable to FRI and EMI, it is prudent to keep all your wires and cables as short as possible.

    I don't know what a "Kramer" is so I can't be sure what to tell you at this point. Is it an amplifier? what is connected to it's input?


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