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    Editing multiple formats in same sequence

    Hi just to let you know what I am doing:
    I use 2 jvc cameras that capture in .tod (MPEG-2 transport stream 1440x1080) .mod (MPEG-2 720x576 16:9) file formats. I simply change the file extension for .tod to mts and .mod to .mpg using a batch process that allows me to import into PRCS4. This seems to work however my poor dual core 2.0ghz processor struggles with PRCS4 (thinking of upgrading to HPZ800). Funny thing is the tod files play and edit great in the simple power director editor.
    However I am trying to produce some better quality cuts for a local organisation I am involved with (Kings Kids) and would like to edit with both formats in the same timeline and cannot work out how to do it easily. I set the sequence to AVCHD 1080i anamorphic and it imports the newly named mts files into the timeline, so far so good, now how do I import the mpg file? if I just add the file into the timeline it comes with the red render cue and is really difficult to playback and see what is going on (seems to lag) even if rendered. Can anyone help. (sorry if this is not very clear!)

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    While PPro CS4 does support different formats in the same timeline, I've found it to be problematic once you start doing anything demanding. As you've seen, clips that aren't in the same format as the sequence get the red line until they are rendered. Sometimes this works fine, sometimes it's hopeless.

    One solution is to render all raw clips into the same format as the sequence to make editing easier. Then when you've finished editing, replace those clips with their original source files. It's a bit of a hassle but sometimes it's better than trying in vain to edit with different formats.
    Dave Owen

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    thanks Dave had not thought of that i will give it a go.


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