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    strange behavior

    When I go to Youtube, the videos play, but there's no audio This just happened a couple days ago, for no apparent reasonI can still stream my favorite radio station,so I Know its not the sound card. Also,when I go to Hulu,the video starts loading,and then I get somethng that says" Express flash not installed on this operating system,click here for download" but when I do,Nothing happens.All this just happened out of the blue. Does anyone have any idea whats going on, and could both Problems be related?
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    I had a quick google and found lots of different answers for different causes, but it would take all day for me to go through them all. I'd start with two very simple things:

    (1) Make sure you haven't accidentally muted the YouTube player. Seriously, I've seen it before.
    (2) Reinstall your Flash player.

    If that doesn't work, can you try it in a different browser?

    After that it might be a case of editing your registry. Are you up for that?
    Dave Owen

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    Just in case you're not sure where to get it, the link is here:


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