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    Need Help w/ Capturing & compression

    Hello Everyone,

    I new to video editing (I just know a little bit). I have Sony camcorder (digital8) Premiere Pro, MainConcept Mpeg Pro (trials) and a good computer.
    I have couple of questions:

    1. What is the best way to capture video from my camcorder so that it results in a perfect quality. Do I have to use any codecs or software?

    2. When I capture the video do I capture it as DV-1 or DV-2

    3. what is the best compressing program so that I can convert DV-AVI to DVD-mpeg2

    4. If Adobe Premiere can do #1 can someone please give the settings for how to capture and any codecs that could imporve the quality.

    5. How to I write the captured and edited files on a DVD, I read (in many places) that the DV-AVI files must be convert in DVD format but when converted with Mpeg Pro you get .m2v what should I do about this.

    I know its a lot of question but please don't be bored.


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    If you export in premiere you can change the extension from m2v to mpeg and make it windows media player compatable.
    The best thing to do for capture is to get an output tv screen and see which DV shows up on the output.
    The best software or should i say the easiest so far i have found for dvd authoring is ulead dvd workshop.

    hope I have helped



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