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    Pulling video off a DVD

    Is there an easy, inexpensive way to pull footage off a DVD to save as an mpeg, avi, etc? I have a 45 minute video on DVD that I need to pull a few short clips from.

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    First, you could try importing the VOB files directly into your editing software. This doesn't usually work, but the next step is to rename the VOB files with a .mpg extension - sometimes that will do the trick.

    Otherwise you'll need a DVD ripping tool. There are hundreds of them out there and to be honest it's a real pain finding a good one that isn't made by nasty old spammers. I used to use DVD Shrink before Adobe introduced VOB file support. DVD Shrink is quite old now but presumably still works okay.

    Be aware that DVD files are not good to edit with. Don't be surprised if your frame accuracy and image quality are both poor.
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    MpegStreamclip, free, easy and a really great tool.

    But if this is a commercial DVD you will have problems no matter what you use.
    Premiere Elements will also get media off of a DVD, then you can export as any format it supports which is quite a few.
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    You won't see new copy protections, because that would render a lot of DVD players uslesss.

    A good rule of thumb is never to buy any software for DVD ripping, because you can already get a good combination of free alternatives, which can bypass the copy protection of every DVD on the marked.

    You can use DVD Decrypter to rip the DVD, and Staxrip to encode it to xvid/divx, or basically whatever you like, given that you got the codecs installed i suspect.

    These may seem complex at first, but they are actually quite easy to use. Maybe I'll post a guide later.

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    Screen capture alternative?

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    Is there an easy, inexpensive way to pull footage off a DVD to save as an mpeg, avi, etc? I have a 45 minute video on DVD that I need to pull a few short clips from.
    You didn't say your intended use of the clips; specifically the quality you need the clips in. Personal use on your ipod ... or ... something to be edited into a video project via editing software. Nor do you mention your system OS or other capabilities. Hardware varies, as does the software to go on it.

    And, should this be a viable option/solution for your stated need, cost for screen capture software varies from free to $hundreds of dollars. Just turn it on/off at your needed points.

    PS: Most likely you'll want/need the accompanying audio track. For the best audio, you'll want to make sure the screen capture software capture software you select captures the audio from your sound card (and make sure your active mics on your computer (if any) are turned off. Don't just turn up your speakers and capture "through the air" back into your default mic. You can usually tell when watching a video where this was done. It's always distracting to me, and never sounds "professional"; but ... like I said, it all depends on your system (hardware & software), budget, and needs/intended use and quality requirements.

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    One way I have used in the past is to actually use a screen capturing program to rip short parts from dvd's. Unfortunately they do need to be relatively short, as screen capturing softare (Camtasia, Screenflow for mac) take up massive space on your hard drive. But if using an editing program rendered properly, you can get perfect quality rips.

    Its a simple but effective way of ripping.

    P.S. I have never tried doing it with camtasia, but I assume it works as I have used it for general screen recording. I know it works with screenflow though that requires a mac.


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