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    Live streaming matches - project, help needed

    Greetings ppl!
    I am new at this forum. My name is Filip. I come from Croatia, Zagreb. I am interested in video streaming time last few days because i want to establish system that enables visitors to look live snooker matches of my club on site.
    What server software you preffer and would recommend for this situation.
    2 rooms, 1 camera in every room. I want to establish simoultaneous live stream on site from one computer. I didnt find software that allows me to stream both cameras simoultaneously.
    My idea was to manage default environment with Win XP SP3 OS, and also make one virtual environment with the same OS. Server PC would have 2 network adapters and connected to cameras by wire, or other version is using wireless IP cameras and wireless PC adapters. Problem in that version is resources, because PC would have to manage two the same actions, so, I am not sure how would that influenced on stability of system, mostly net delay.
    Plz help, and also suggest. I never encountered with this stuff, so, dont mind if i said smtg stupid. Thank you very much in advance.

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    I don t understand how you want to stream both cameras simultaneously on the same channel. I guess you want to be able to switch between those 2 cameras bot not play simultaneously. This will be possible if you create two streaming channels. Have a look HERE if you want to test an HD broadcaster allowing you to stream live and create your channels.

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