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    An Alternative To Encore?

    i'm new canto video editing but hoping to learn fast. i was told by a friend that i actually do without encore bcos i'm using adobe premeire pro 2.0 which means i need encore 2.0 but don't have that. He said i can go to file an export as movie in .avi est., then burn with nero. He goes further by saying nero will do the encoding and also handle my menu and chapters that i have created well putting all into the disc.

    i don't like trial and error, i want to hear from you guys. thanks

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    Your friend is correct, Nero can take AVI files and author DVDs from them. It will probably take a bit of time to learn how it works (I don't really know much about it myself to be honest) but here's the short version (for Nero 9):

    - Open Nero StartSmart
    - At the top, click "Create and Edit"
    - Click "Author, Edit and Capture Video"
    - Click "Make DVD" then "DVD-Video"

    That brings up the DVD authoring window, from where you can import files, make menus, etc.
    Dave Owen


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