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    I want to KEEP audio and replace video, but with what

    I have so many VHS tapes and Sony Hi8 tapes that I want to burn to DVD.
    I have Pinnacle Studio 12 and Dazzle connected to my vcr and my laptop.
    I have video that someone(maybe me) took and it is all over the place it makes you dizzy, but I don't want to lose the voices in the background. My one question is what can I replace the bad video portion with?
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    Got any photos that would fit? Maybe you could take some still shots from the video and make them into a slideshow? Or find the best parts of the video and make them into a slow-motion montage?
    Dave Owen

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    Hi Dor128.

    Dave is right. And the truth is, it's along process if you really want good quality. Am used to Mac computers and many software available on a mac can give you what you want, but it's a combination of more than one software. But Finalcut Pro can satisfy your needs for that matter.


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