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    Loolimg for both Instruction and Parts manual

    I was given an older JVC Video Movie camera without any instructions or parts information, hoping I could find out more from you people. The model number is GR-AX7GYU. The serial number is 175E1656. DC input 6V +- Max 16A. Victor Company of Japan.

    If this camcorder is still worth the money to get it back in working order, I will be willing to pay the costs of a operation, instruction, and parts manual.

    Thank you for your time


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    If you still need the manual, I'll scan mine and e-mail it to you. Parts list isn't incl in the manual. My camera does not work either. I know the clock battery needs replacing and the AC charger is working delivering power at least to the point of contact on the camera. I haven't found much info regarding the camera and I'm hoping that I'll find some possible solution on this forum.


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